Bathroom Renovation – Our Specialty

Experience the SUNCO Difference

Making the decision to renovate, refurbish or refit your bathroom is one thing, but choosing exactly what and how you’re going to realise your vision can be quite challenging. Choosing the wrong plumber, or not being involved in that decision can cost you dearly – both financially and in terms of quality. When renovating a bathroom, you don’t only need a plumber, but invariably some other trades too… so what you really need is a project manager who is able to correctly sequence, schedule and co-ordinate all of the work so that it is all completed in the shortest possible time and to the highest possible standard.

It really doesn’t matter what type of bathroom you’re looking for. You may consider the bathroom you have in mind to be somewhat basic and functional, but you still need a plumber on your side. Someone who not only understands the entire process and who can time it to perfection, but who is also able to help you decide whether or not the idea you have in mind is your best available option. For example, what might the implications be of moved say a toilet, or shower to another part of the room to make the most of the available space?

Then again, maybe you’ve already thought through all of that and you have a very clear picture of what you want. Now all you need is a price. Then again, maybe not. Perhaps you have a fixed budget to work with and so you’re looking for the best value proposition. In that case the question you’re asking is: “Who is going to deliver the best result from within my budget?”

Even if you’re looking for something a little special, or different, the fundamentals remain the same. You may want to turn your bathroom into a special place that says something about who you are; a place that inspires you, or where you can relax and unwind. Perhaps you have some particular design ideas, but then again perhaps you don’t. Nevertheless, you still have a budget in mind, so your question remains, “who is going to deliver the best result?”

You guessed it, SUNCO of course, but don’t simply take our word for it. Review our approach to see the evidence of our experience and expertise in this field, then Contact Us to arrange a free, no obligation discussion of your requirements. We’ll give you a prompt and honest appraisal of your project and how we can help and if you like what you hear then we can prepare a written quotation or proposal for your consideration.