Peregian Beach Plumber


Peregian Beach is a wonderful little hub away from the hustle and bustle of the Central Sunshine Coast and like travelling back in time by about 25 years or so. It’s a very friendly little community where everyone knows everyone, and everyone that lives there loves it and doesn’t ever want to leave. If you sample the unspoilt and often desolate beaches and the beautiful silky white sand and unpolluted seas, you can understand why.

With some delightful café, most notably Zacharys at Peregian Beach, across the road from the skate park and adjacent to a park with live music on a Sunday Afternoon, this is an awesome spot.

Peregian beach is an amazing place to live and houses consist of beach shacks, up and coming mansions, a few units and town-houses and holiday rentals and beach houses. Standard plumbing issues are likely to come up here, probably mainly maintenance issues. Once again, beware of tampering older buildings owing to the risk of asbestos. Contact SUNCO PLUMBING if you are wanting plumbing for bathroom renovations.

Peregian Springs is a relatively new estate with lovely modern homes, a short drive away from the beach. Unfortunately owing to a glut of properties on the market and a massive availability of land from the developer the prices have recently dropped fairly dramatically so now is a good time to purchase in there at well below replacement cost.

Peregian is also home to St Andrews College which is renowned for being outstanding and highly competitive in sport, and also the Lutheran School which has an excellent reputation too.

Peregian is only a short drive to Noosa and Sunrise beach and there are some wonderful homes that offer sweeping beach views on the hills.


  • Plumbing installations and repairs
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Burst Pipes, leaking taps, toilet
  • Inspections with drain machine
  • Inspections with drain machine and drain camera, saving you dollars
  • Water Saving Devices (WELS RATING)
  • Plumbing for bathroom and kitchen renovations
  • Gas, Solar and Electric Hot Water Systems
  • Blocked drains cleared with drain machine
  • Water tanks, pumps and filters
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Fully licenced and insured
  • Gas-fitting