Mountain Creek Plumber


Mountain Creek is a very popular location with the ex-pat British and New Zealanders. The reason for this could be that Mountain Creek has always traditionally been slightly cheaper than Buderim “on top”, houses are slightly newer and for new migrants struggling to get established and not sure about whether they can afford private schooling, Mountain Creek became popular for it’s well regarded school, Mountain Creek State High School which is the largest in Queensland, and also the Mountain Creek State Primary School. Both have enjoyed excellent reputations  and the reputations have since stuck.  Mountain Creek is also home to the Tafe.

Unbeknown to the general public, the Tafe has a restaurant where you can sample a 5 course menu for a smidgeon of the price of a top restaurant from Australia’s future chefs.

Real Estate has had some extreme highs and properties have sold for in the early millions, although generally the late $300s to the mid $500s seem to be the median prices for a standard 3 to 4 bedroom home. Many houses are now beginning to look like they are lost in the 1990s and could benefit from a refurb or renovation. There are a few pockets with newer houses like Glenfields Estate.  Mountain Creek also has an excellent retirement village called Mountain Creek Hibiscus Retirement Village where Sunco Plumbing have been involved with the renovations of the village.

Very established with it’s own pub/tavern, shopping centre, it is a very convenient location ( a short cycle to the beach) and if you’re a suburban queen/king, probably the perfect Sunshine Coast Suburb for the busy family.

Plumbing issues are likely to range from the general plumbing maintenance to plumbing for renovations. We have recently replaced a large number of Hot Water Units in recent years, probably because most of the houses built in the early nineties HWU are giving up the ghost.

Many clients are opting to go for Heat Pumps. A few years ago many requested Solar Hot Water Units.

Services which SUNCO PLUMBING provides in MOUNTAIN CREEK

Plumbing installations and repairs

Hot Water Systems

Burst Pipes, leaking taps, toilet

Inspections with drain machine

Inspections with drain machine and drain camera, saving you dollars

Water Saving Devices (WELS RATING)

Plumbing for bathroom and kitchen renovations

Gas, Solar and Electric Hot Water Systems

Blocked drains cleared with drain machine

Water tanks, pumps and filters

Over 20 years experience

Fully licenced and insured