Q My pipe has burst and there is water everywhere! What do I do?

A Initially the first thing you must do is turn off the water meter. Secondly, contact SUNCO PLUMBING immediately.

Q How do I do that?        A Easy! 0413 117 569

Q I mean, how do I switch off the water?         

A Each property has a water meter tap near the boundary of the property, normally situated in line with a post box. It’s good to orientate yourself with this and ultimately this could save you a fortune and a lot of serious water damage. If you live in a block of units, remember to let your fellow unit dwellers and/or property manager/management know as a courtesy so as to cause minimal disruption to everyone else.

QI have a massive water bill. What could be causing it? A There are a number of issues that could be causing this. Leaky taps and toilets can add to the strain, but ultimately if it is a massive bill, it usually indicates that there is a leak underground. Sometimes it can be easy to detect as you will notice a sogginess in the ground. However, it cannot always be easily found.  If unsure, please contact SUNCO PLUMBING and we will arrange for a plumber to investigate. If the bill is excessive it may be worth your while turning off the water unless you need to use it, until we can get there. In the unlikely event that our plumber may not be able to find the leak, we would then contact a leak detection company on your behalf, discuss it with a technician and then return to fix the leak once it is located.

Q There is raw effluent (sewerage) coming out of the ground. Who do I call?

A  You need to contact us immediately and stay away from any seepages coming out of the ground as this is very dangerous. Avoid letting children play nearby and if it is on the council’s ground, contact UNITY WATER.

Q My drains are seriously blocked.  

A Anything which is serious should be left to a licenced plumber. We have a drain machine which clears seriously blocked drains. It could be tree roots or it could be something small. The plumber will ascertain if he needs to use the drain machine or not.

Q How do I prevent my kitchen sinks from clogging up continually?

A This is a problem in households that cook foods/consume foods heavy with grease/oil. We would recommend that once a week you fill your sink with hot water and then let the plug out. The pressure of this should help flush residual food down. Most importantly throw all oils into a container and use kitchen roll to mop up oils. Never tip oils down drains.  It all congeals and a blocked kitchen drain is the worst smell ever and a very unpleasant job which will make you totally appreciate your plumber more than ever before.

Q Do I need a permit to do maintenance plumbing?

A There are various rules and regulations that have changed and in many circumstances a Form 4 needs to be completed. For small things like tap washers, this is not required.  Unfortunately these need to be lodged with the council by the plumber and there will be costs involved.  Please see our tab on our website regarding  NEW REGULATIONS

Any structural work, installation of new plumbing services etc. do require permission from council and an inspection from an authorised plumbing inspector with the local council. We will advise you on this and complete the paperwork for you and book inspections as part of our service.

Q Will you do free quotes on a small job?

A  Much as we would love to travel out to see you and do free quotes on everything before we commence work, logistically this is not possible and would add considerably to our reasonable and fair costs that you can expect from SUNCO PLUMBING. Therefore we can give you an idea over the phone, based on an hourly rate plus materials.  For larger jobs like major drainage, new homes, plumbing for bathroom renovations, we are very happy to come out and discuss your needs and tailor-make a quote accordingly.

Q  I only have a tiny job that needs doing? It will probably take you five minutes?

A Tiny jobs will be billed out at a minimum of a one hourly rate. We think this very fair as most plumbers charge for the first hour regardless. Please note that it took our plumbers four years to qualify and we do still need to charge. However no job is too small for us to handle.

Q  How do I know I am not being ripped off?

A  A very good question and sadly all too many people are overcharged in too many industries. We are happy to discuss prices with you, and give you an idea of cost. We work at an hourly rate and have a mark-up on fittings/fixtures which every business has the right to do. We are in business to stay in business. However we have many repeat clients that have used us for years and have remained very loyal which speaks for itself.

Q I own a number of investment properties. I don’t like the plumbers my real estate agent uses. Can we still use SUNCO PLUMBING

A Of course you may! We do work for a number of Real Estate agents around the Sunshine Coast and we are also specifically requested on rental agreements as the preferred plumber to call out. You need to stipulate this to your agent.

Q Are all of your plumbers qualified? A Yes, we do not use any unlicensed plumbers or handymen. We are aware that there are Real Estate agencies that use handymen to do basic jobs. Legislation will fortunately put an end to this practice. We will only use an Apprentice with a licenced plumber under their supervision and it will be to assist in a job.

Q How can I pay?

A We accept cash, credit cards via an eftpos facility and cheques. If you are a commercial client and will be giving us repeat business, we would be happy to arrange terms and a credit limit as per mutual agreement.

Q Are you cheap?

A We have no intention of being the cheapest plumber on the coast and do not compete at the bottom end of the market. However, we are fair and offer a quality service at a very reasonable rate. We believe that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Running a business efficiently and providing quality control and standards takes time and costs money.